The Wheelie Bin collections are made on a Tuesday, alternating between the black bins for land fill waste and the Green lidded bin for recycleable waste. You can also, if required, arrange for a brown composting bin by contacting Mid-Suffolk District Council, but there is a small fee to pay for this service.

But recycling in Norton does not have to stop there –

On the car park in front of the Village Hall you will find recycle bins for all colours of glass, clothing and paper and when you dispose of these items you not only help the planet, you also help the parish as all income is used to supplement the local rates. Also as land for landfill use is being used up quickly, so the cost of dumping rubbish has risen, which increases council tax. So any extra recycling you can do, directly affects where your tax is spent.



Just for good measure you can join the hundreds of members of Stowmarket Freecycle at this is a Yahoo group who do not wish to consign perfectly good items to go to the landfill just because they have no further use for them. Another similar site is

By giving these items away they can be given a whole new lease of life by the new owner and not only do you aid the planet, you also get a nice feeling inside from helping someone else