The allotments are located on Heath Road. Email Jill Rowland to find out what is currently available. Below is an article from a keen gardener on the allotment, David Etchells-Butler:

The allotment holders of Norton have been busy during the summer months, mostly harvesting their produce, which tends to be plentiful, as most of us grow too much of everything. My wife is often heard to say, ‘Oh! Not another marrow’. Of course, you can get too much of a good thing! This year I ventured down to Woolpit a few weeks ago and looked at their Show in the village hall. I must say that I was disappointed that I did not enter some vegetables. My carrots were fantastic this year and surely would have won a prize. This year I used an old tractor tyre, filled it with compost and horse manure and carefully set my carrots. The results have been fantastic: huge, long and straight carrots…… wonderful! When you taste a fresh carrot, just dug up from the ground, it is surely something to get your taste buds electrified with delight. This year I grew French beans instead of runner beans and the results were really superb. Another success this year was the strawberry, Strawberry. Oddly enough, they actually tasted like a strawberry, unlike those you get in the supermarkets.  My sweetcorn grew well this year and possibly because I grew them very close together. I picked up this trick from a visit to France last year when I saw how the French grew them. Finally, my greatest delight this year is a crop, not grown on the allotment, but grown in my garden greenhouse. A gew years ago, I planted two vines in the greenhouse.This summer it was like ‘The Day of the Triffids’, as the bunches of grapes hung from almost all the way around the greenhouse. Next year I will make wine from them and call it Chateau de Norton 2012!!!

Reproduced from Norton News October 2011